Gordon Pembridge Wildlife Artist

The Contemplation Of Giants Time-lapse

February 27 2020

At Last the official launch. This fine art painting is now available for sale, along with limited edition prints.
The Contemplation Of Giants is about that moment in the African bush where time stands still, at natures mercy, we
hold our breath, just for a moment. Time to contemplate the magnificent presence of the baobab tree and the African
elephant. The contemplation of the present, past and future. Conservation, ivory, elephant and hope.
Fine art oil painting on mounted Belgian linen H 950mm x W 810mm 37 x 31 inches by Gordon Pembridge, international wildlife artist.
Limited edition prints are available, personally signed and numbered by Gordon Pembridge. #ArtForEarth

The Timelapse of The Contemplation Of Giants below I hope you enjoy.

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