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Artist Biography: Gordon Pembridge AFC

Signature member Artists For Conservation. Associate member Society Of Animal Artists.

Early Life and Love for Nature:
Gordon Pembridge was born in Kenya, a land teeming with captivating wildlife and breathtaking landscapes. As a young boy, he was fortunate to experience the wonders of Africa’s natural beauty, spending countless adventurous days in the bush. His childhood was filled with wildlife encounters, wildlife photography, camping, and a deep appreciation for the rich diversity of African flora and fauna. These formative experiences ignited his lifelong passion for natural history and wildlife conservation.

Artistic Beginnings and Mediums:
Gordon’s artistic journey began with a fascination for capturing the beauty of the African wildlife he loved so much. He explored various artistic mediums, and among his favorites were traditional oil paintings. With skillful brushstrokes, he brought the spirit of African wildlife to life on canvas, creating stunning works of art that revealed his profound connection to the wilderness.

Woodturning and Innovation:
As Gordon’s passion for nature grew, he found a new and exciting way to express it through his art. He developed a series of thin wood turned pieces, skillfully transforming raw wood into exquisite vessels. These pieces showcased a unique combination of techniques, including piercing, bas-relief carving, and fine art painting. Through this innovative approach, Gordon captured the essence of wildlife, bringing intricate details and life-like qualities to his wooden creations.

Inspiration from Two Beautiful Worlds:
With his studio located in New Zealand, Gordon draws inspiration from the stunning landscapes and diverse wildlife of this unique country. However, his heart remains firmly tied to Africa, a place that holds a special place in his soul. He continues to travel to Africa whenever possible, seeking new adventures and immersing himself in the natural wonders that fuel his creativity.

Conservation Through Art:
Gordon Pembridge is not only an artist but also an advocate for wildlife conservation. He believes that art has the power to educate and raise awareness about the importance of preserving our natural heritage. Through his artwork, Gordon endeavors to convey the beauty and fragility of wildlife, inspiring others to take an active role in protecting these magnificent creatures and their habitats.

Current and Future Endeavors:
Currently, Gordon is deeply engaged in furthering his series of fine wildlife art vessels and traditional oil paintings, each piece a testament to his love for nature and exceptional artistic talent. He continues to evolve as an artist, exploring new techniques and pushing the boundaries of his chosen mediums. Conservation education remains a central aspect of his work, ensuring that his art serves as a powerful tool for environmental advocacy.

Legacy and Impact:
Gordon Pembridge’s artistic legacy is twofold: his masterful creations that capture the essence of African wildlife and his dedication to wildlife conservation through artistic expression. His artwork resonates with art enthusiasts and nature lovers alike, evoking a sense of wonder and admiration for the natural world. Through his passion for art and conservation, Gordon leaves a lasting impact, inspiring others to cherish and protect the magnificent wildlife and landscapes that define our planet.

David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the year award second overall.

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