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Arid Serendipity

Arid Serendipity

Title: Arid Serendipity

Oil on mounted Belgian lead primed linen.

Size 140 centimetres x 90 centimetres.  55.1inch x 35.4 inch

Price: USD 35 000.00 For Sale

The warm morning light beautifully rendering this peaceful scene. The thrill of accidentally happening upon such a moment, the serendipity. As are many chance discoveries in the African savannah, the reward is so much richer for it. The meaning of this title has many layers as per the tangled branches of African thorn scrub, you may have to “wait a bit “ to envision and ponder the full meaning. The word arid references the dry seasonal environment but also references the ever present challenges that giraffe face including their endangerment in many parts of Africa today. The contrasting thorn scrub also visually communicates the diverse environment and the more positive opportunities that giraffe have to survive in protected areas. The transient nature of this environment is illustrated by the stark shapes of dead trees. This majestic scene faces challenges that are ever present and evolving. Somewhat amusingly the guinea fowl feel the pressure of navigating this tower of giraffe, creating tension in the composition relating to the uncertainty of the scene.

I reflect on this scene that I had the privilege of experiencing in Southern Africa. I live in the hope that my work encourages others to enjoy and treasure the beauty of wildlife and its environment.

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