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Studio Update

March 11 2022

Well it is Friday and time to post some more progress on the artwork that I’m working on at the moment. The space of the environment has been established, tonally at least as this is still only the underpainting. I am looking forward to all of that beautiful detail. All of those wrinkles on an elephants skin where you can easily get lost for days weeks etc. I hope you enjoy this stage of my process. My best wishes to you all.

March 15 2022

Busy working on all of those subtle background details in the trees at the moment. Lots of little specks of pale golden leaves from the dry season in Africa. A pleasure to be rendering such beauty in oil paint. I love that dry dusty look of the African bush. #wip #elephant #wildlifeart

March 5 2022

Friday again already, so time for an update. This time a preview of some of the detail to come. Here I have started on the elephant… lots of wrinkles to do, at least it is a start. I am really enjoying this painting as it brings to the surface so many nice memories. I hope this gives you a small ray of hope and enjoyment. My best wishes to you, Gordon.

April 1 2022

I find it hard to believe it is already that time of the week again. I often find that the time evaporates when I’m working on a big piece of artwork like this one. I love the process as the painting evolves. A small update this week as it feels like I have been working on the dusty gravely dirt all week, a mission with all the little highlights and shadows and I’m still not completely satisfied with it yet. I have also worked on the three impala on the left and have toned the foreground a bit more. I hope you all have a nice weekend. Again I would like to say how much I enjoy you support and hope you also enjoy my posts of progress and process.

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