Gordon Pembridge Wildlife Artist

Studio Update

May 24 2023

Some of the various stages of preparation of my now pre primed linen for mounting onto panel. This includes sanding the back of the linen to smooth out any lumps or bumps, just a light sanding in preparation. I also lightly sand the panel a polyester coated ACM panel. The back of the linen is then coated with a conservation grade adhesive along with the panel. Each is coated twice, the adhesive is then left to dry overnight. The next day I then place the linen and panel using my homemade heated vacuum press to bond everything together. The excess linen is then trimmed from the edge of the panel. I am a firm believer in taking just as much care in making my panels as I do the painting itself. The support for the painting is fundamentally important to construct a permanent and long lasting piece of artwork. I do this with best practice in mind. I hope you enjoy.

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