Gordon Pembridge Wildlife Artist

Studio Update

December 24 2021

2021 …I come to this post with a sense of humble appreciation and thankfulness to all of you that have supported me through the year. I have very much enjoyed communications with many of you. I hope to continue producing more of the beauty that my work tries to represent (A voice for the wild). I also hope that it brings you all that little bit of pleasure and enjoyment as it does for me. I aim to be a positive influence on social media with my artwork. I wish you all a safe and happy Christmas or holiday wherever you are in the world and a hopeful and happy New Year. Again I thank you all for the support, I hope I too have given some support back with small moments of enjoyment. My best wishes to you all. Keep safe and well. Gordon.

Yes the guinea fowl still continue, I still have a way to go with this painting, I am now looking forward to it coming together beautifully. I hope you enjoy it too.

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