Gordon Pembridge Wildlife Artist

Studio Update

July 15 2019

Well this is how it starts, the big white canvas mounted on panel. A beautiful bull elephant with a baobab in the background. It struck me how isolated this tree was by itself as was the bull elephant. Artistic licence as they where from the same area I decided it would make quite a nice composition. You can just see the planning sketch has been started on the canvas top left. Watch this space. The canvas is 95cm height by 80cm width.

July 25 2019

A bit more progress, here I have started the basic construction of the image using burnt umber. This I use to anchor the image on the canvas and to develop the tonal range. As this painting will have plenty of detail, this stage needs to be more precise than the usual block in refine and detail process.

July 26 2019

Progressing well. The underpainting coming together nicely.

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