Gordon Pembridge Wildlife Artist

Studio Update

March 31 2020

My gorilla carved fine art painted vessel is progressing well. A little bit of studio sanity for you all.Enjoy. I always find it interesting when someone comments Oh I don’t like paint on wood. I am the same with a nice piece of figured wood. These vessels are created with the vision of creating a three dimensional painting first. As canvas is to a fine art painting the wooden vessel in itself in my work is support for my fine art painting. The bass relief carved surface is to add to the painting a little like impasto on a canvas. My take on why I do what I do. Simply to hopefully create something beautiful to look at.

April 14 2020

And now for the bas-relief carving on the gorilla piece. Interestingly enough I found a copy of Gorillas In The Mist in my book case so I am reading that in the evenings while I work on this artwork. Quite appropriate really. My best wishes to you all.

April 16 2020

Enjoying the contrasting structures of the jungle leaves coming together. I included a ruler for scale.

May 5 2020

Some more progress on this carved painting of mountain gorilla. As the carving of the jungle textures progress I’m enjoying how they come to life and start to form the motif I envisaged. I am also eager to get to the gorilla. I hope you enjoy watching the progress with me. My best wishes to you all.

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