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September 22 2019

Elephant Appreciation Day

Progress on this painting is going well, most of the tree is now done just a few details to add finishing touches mainly, still some areas need working up more also but I will leave those until I have more of the rest of the painting done so as to balance the tonal ranges etc. The aloe on the left has been blocked in with a little work on the light and shadow. More of the underpainting has gone into the grass in the foreground too.Enjoy and please feel welcome to share.

September 30 2019

Having roughed in the grass and aloes I am now working on the elephant. (the dreaded wrinkles) I will then go back and detail the grass and plants in the background to balance with the elephants tonal range. Please feel welcome to share and enjoy. I welcome comments and communications if you have any questions too.

October 2 2019

Someone asked for a detail picture of elephant wrinkles. Keep in mind these are not finished yet, still work in progress but perhaps will help show the work involved. This is were you see this is not a photograph, this is an image made of paint marks. I find it fascinating how the image breaks up into brush strokes viewed close and then the brush strokes dissolve as you view the painted image from a greater distance. Far more than a photograph and to me a lot more interesting.

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