Gordon Pembridge Wildlife Artist

Studio Update

February 25 2021

One stroke at a time the pencil work slowly evolves and progresses the thoughts in my mind. How to visually communicate a cheetah hunt. Here the subtly of a step in the right direction. Just part of the process and plenty of refinement to come.

March 2 2021

Some more progress in the right direction. I really enjoy the design process for each piece. The simplicity of a pencil in hand drawing on wood. Behind these simple marks are the many many hours of research in anatomy, behaviour and environment to compose a piece of artwork that hopefully tells a story and illustrates the beauty of the natural world in a realistic way. The hunt continues.

March 16 2021

Some more progress. The subject tells a story of a coalition of cheetah brothers at a water hole in the Kalahari. They will need to refine their hunting technique after startling a few springbok as they set out on the hunt. I am enjoying watching the imagery of this vessel emerge from the timber vessel as it is carved. At this stage the image is being cut out. The carving will be next.

April 6 2021

Most of the negative space of the motif in this vessel has now been cut out. Time for the bas-relief carving. There is a fine line between carving too much and not enough as I am not relying on just the carving for the imagery. There is still the fine art painting to be done over the top of this. My best wishes to you all. Enjoy.

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