Gordon Pembridge Wildlife Artist

Studio Update

January 30 2023

The weather being at record levels for rain outside over the last few days I decided I would make some oil paint indoors. I love learning about the properties of different pigments in linseed oil. Each pigment can behave quite differently, I find it fascinating and it really helps in extending my knowledge for fine art paintings. The colour here is ultramarine violet.

First the mixing of the dry pigment with alkali refined linseed oil.

Quite dry and crumbly to start with.

The linseed oil is then fully worked in with a palette knife.

A little at a time I then mull the mixture of pigment and oil to disperse the oil and pigment together coating as much of each pigment particle as possible to a nice smooth oil paint.

The finished result ready for tubing. I used this ultramarine violet paint in my leopard painting.

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