Gordon Pembridge Wildlife Artist

Studio Update

December 24 2022

Another week of steady progress. I still have some corrections to make as the image evolves. This week I have been enjoying building up the texture of the fur on the leopard. Lots of layering to do there, none the less it is important to build the tonal range in the leopard first before I start the final layers on the background and start the grass in the foreground too. The light and detail yet to be done in the grass will bring the foreground forward and will give a better sense of depth and light. I still have dried leaves etc to do in the background, keeping in mind at this stage it is only sticks to achieve some semblance of tonal range to compare to the leopard. I’m happy so far. Wow 2022 what a mixed year. For me personally quite successful for my artwork. This included second overall with the international David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the year award. I am so grateful to have this award, a truely humbling experience and perfect timing to help spur me on to future challenges in wildlife art and conservation helping Rhino Revolution more in 2023. I also reflect on the amount of support I have had throughout this year for my work, my heartfelt appreciation to you all. I have always aimed to be a positive entity on social media for all of its imperfection. I hope you all continue to enjoy what I do. I wish you all the very best, Merry Christmas. I hope wherever you all are in the world a safe and healthy time together.

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