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Studio Update

February 10 2021

After a much needed holiday from the studio organising a few things in my workshop. Here is another “blank canvas” after a couple of days of sanding to a smooth finish by hand. The subject is the big blue skies of the Kalahari with camel thorns, red/orange sands, golden grasses and cheetah stalking springbok. My best wishes to you all. Gordon.

February 17 2021

I often get asked what tools I use on my carved vessels. Well this is one of them. Quite a nice saw but none the less simply a saw. Here used to remove some of the wood around the vessels feet.

February 17 2021

Those of you that have done sanding of wood will know about this process. Quite a tedious process really. I hand sand my vessels to preserve the fine wall thickness helping to keep it precisely even. Usually takes a couple of days just sanding to get a reasonable finish down through the grits. At this scale I find any slight deviation in the thickness of the vessel to be too distracting for the final artwork and formal look of the vessel.

February 22 2021

The sanding nearly complete. Here giving the rim of the vessel a gentle stroke with the sandpaper to sharpen the edges of the rim to make it look nice and crisp. The image also puts a scale on the thickness of the timber.

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