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Studio Update

August 28 2020

After the marathon of drawing ripples let alone the flamingoes. Now we start the carving. This is where I start to find out if the balance between positive and negative space is correct.

September 18 2020

Had a few interruptions last week obtaining and installing some new work equipment but now back at it and making some satisfying progress. With this flamingo piece I have decided to carve the water also, I hope it will add a lot more to this piece. My best wishes to you all.

October 6 2020

Carving the ripples in this piece has taken so much time. I can now get on with the bas-relief carving of the water as well as the flamingo. This is the stage where I also get to see the image for the first time and to gauge if I have it right as far as the weighting of positive and negative space.I hope it will look extra nice as I progress through this stage of the process. My best wishes to you all. Keep safe and well.

October 12 2020

Ripple carving is going well. Of course when you carve, more work is created in the form of sanding to smooth out all the little bits of tear out of the timber fibres. Hopefully it will all come together in the end.I like the extra 3D look in the ripples so far, should be a nice contrast to the flamingo.

October 20 2020

Fifteen flamingoes to carve, six more to go and this marathon carving session will be done. For me this is the exciting part of the process where my vision will hopefully come to life in colour. I’m really looking forward to painting this carved vessel

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